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Angie is an experienced  filmmaker specialising in both the commercial and the narrative space. Based in Athens and London.

Artemis Neckless

The project idea sprouted when Staurina shared her new necklace collection for International Women’s Day, inspired by the Greek goddess Artemis. Discovering a charming space that doubled as the Artemis temple felt like stumbling upon a hidden treasure, making it the perfect backdrop. We aimed to capture the ancient vibes in our art direction, mirroring how gods were depicted back in the day. 

Nudas Veritas Collection
Enthralled by BON BON's exquisite new jewellery collection, which draws inspiration from Nudas Veritas and Italian art, I embarked on a collaborative journey with the owner to transform their vision into a captivating masterpiece. Striving for simplicity, our efforts aimed to showcase the inherent beauty of the jewellery, inviting all to envision themselves adorned with its splendor.

Harmony in Motion

This project exemplifies the synergy between nature, the human body, and artistic expression. Using a dynamic visual medium, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of self-expression and the liberating beauty of movement.


This brief undertaking draws inspiration from Hans Zimmer's composition featured in the movie "Interstellar." It revolves around the utilisation of a singular red light set against the backdrop of a summer sunset. This visual spectacle is complemented by deliberate, unhurried movements, a gentle summer breeze, and an infusion of emotive expressiveness.


This TikTok video reel showcases a unique geek bakery situated in Athens, where delectable treats are crafted daily using fresh ingredients and a touch of love. The primary focus is to capture the dedicated individual behind the scenes, highlighting his profound passion for the art of baking.

Galaktompoureko Part 2

Treat yourself to an authentic Athenian experience with this legendary sweet, traditionally enjoyed during Tsiknopempth, a festive celebration that brings together friends, family, and grilled delights in Greece.

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